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"JC360 is the perfect application for every employee to document and validate their work regardless of where or when the work is performed"
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According to company leaders, one of the main fundaments of implementing telework and home office is to make sure that there will be absolutely no decline in the productivity of the selected organizational groups. To ensure this, there have to be accurate, measurable and valid data available about the work activity of these employees regardless of where and when the work is performed. JC360 is the perfect solution for telework.

Introducing telework and home office with JC360

Real-time activity

JC360 tracks the time spent on each work task and documents the activity in real time. This is why it is more successful than subsequently logging work time or other sample taking methods.

Seperated work time

It can automatically aggregate all work time spent on a task, whether it is done by working on a computer, at meetings, via phone calls, or any other, non-computer based work activity.

Transparent work

The documentation includes everything that the employee declares as work activity by starting the application, regardless of where or when the work is performed.

This way, the evaluation of the people who are working in the office and those who are working outside of the office will be completely the same, based on accurate and objective data.

JC360 report

The effectiveness of the whole out-of-office work activity becomes scalable and comparable, and it makes introducing telework a safe and trusted work method. With the help of JC360, it is possible to create more flexible individual work schedules, as well as more cost efficient work solutions in support of family life and creating work-life balance.

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The price includes all services, and only the days with registered hours are charged. You can easily establish transparent payments by the working time with the employees, sub-contractors, clients and partner companies as well.

Where JC360 has already proved

  • "At KESZ Group the number of companies and the employment types vary, we work with both manual and intellectual workers. On the projects of KESZ Group nearly 2000 workers work on a daily basis, yet implementing JC360 only took 8 weeks. The system supports our daily work, time management and improves efficiency. Transparent organizational operation is highly important for us, and the team of JC360 took up on a crucial role in achieving it."

    Györgyi Perzse, Vice President, KÉSZ Holding

  • Uhrinyi Balázs

    "JC360 is an incredible help for me. I don't need to think about work time related disciplinary procedures, such as who arrived at what time and where they are working right now. I have more time for my people and I can focus on the quality evaluation of my staff. I regard it a tremendous success that we could increase the ratio of productive work time spent in the factory plan by at least 10 %."

    Balázs Uhrinyi, CEO, KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Ltd.

  • Kun Szabolcs

    "Due to our IT consultant services, it is indeed a huge value for us that we can precisely measure how much time and energy is spent on a client or project. This kind of transparency always ensures fair billing to our partners. To know that we always work with accurate numbers is not only important because of the organizational operation and the clients, but personally for me, as the company leader, it is also very reassuring."

    Szabolcs Kun, CEO, Minerva-Soft Ltd.

  • Fazekas Csaba

    "For increasing efficiency, we were looking for a solution that can, without the supervision of an expert, objectively measure the performance of those colleagues who are working in a different county in our other office. It is a plus that, when it comes to salary rises and compensation packages, we are very glad that we can take into account the data of a reliable system that always shows us the actual work hours. JC360 is a perfect and flexible solution to separate private internet browsing and work related internet browsing as well."

    Csaba Fazekas, CEO, Aiss Technologies Ltd.

  • Szarvasi Zoltán

    "As a digital production company, we are working on multiple projects at the same time. It is outstanding that with the help of JC360 our time tracking is completely automatic and precise. It is also a huge product benefit that we could easily integrate it with our project management system. I believe that for my employees it is important to see how they have spent their work time and check the effectiveness of their own work activity. It all helps us to work more productively."

    Zoltán Szarvasi, CEO, Digital Apes Ltd.

  • "Since implementing JC360 we have the opportunity to gain insight into the work activity of our colleagues in a completely new way compared to the previous monitoring systems. We can clearly identify how the time was spent and divided on the different activities therefore we have an accurate and more precise device to optimize or, if we choose, to eliminate unnecessary work phases. The JC360 team provides continuous and flexible support to us and they take the weight of customizing the system off of our shoulders."

    Anikó Böröndi, Service Center Director, Aegon

  • "JC360 makes it possible to safely implement telework and flexible, family-friendly work options for every employer and workplace."

    Adrienn Tóth, Member of the Board, Hungarian Telework Association